6-year-old boy burned by a Galaxy Note 7 explosion, but Samsung won’t remotely deactivate any units


Damage to personal property from exploding Galaxy Note 7 units was nearly 100% inevitable, but we weren’t sure on the odds that the device would cause injury to the people using the phones. There was one case of a burned finger, though that seems to pale in comparison to the latest supposed incident.

A 6-year-old Brooklyn boy was said to have been afflicted with burns after a Galaxy Note 7 he was playing with exploded in his hands while playing with it. He was treated for the burns at an area hospital, though they don’t seem to have been life threatening as the boy has already been released. According to the story, the boy is afraid to go near any smartphone now, an understandable fear considering the circumstances.

Unfortunately, these incidents likely aren’t over. Despite issuing a global recall, Samsung can’t force everyone to take heed to their advice and return or stop using the Galaxy Note 7 units they bought. To that end, some people may not even know that this issue is a thing.

There were rumors that Samsung would remotely deactivate unreturned Galaxy Note 7 units if they weren’t returned by the end of the month to deter people from using it. Those rumors have since been shut down by the company.

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