Here’s what happens when the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 scans your eye


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s iris scanner is one of the phone’s biggest talking points, what with it being the first inside a commercial consumer product, and all. Naturally, you may have some curiosity over the inner-workings of the feature.

galaxy note 7 iris scanner

To the user, it’s a quick scan and you’re in, and that’s how it should be. But if you’re wondering what’s going on behind the scenes, Samsung has laid out a quick overview of the process.

For starters, Samsung revealed that they had to use 2 different components to introduce iris scanning while maintaining the sleek design of the Galaxy Note 7. The 2 components work together to scan and normalize the eye for analysis to ensure the eye matches up with originally registered iris. After all the data is processed and encoded, you’re granted access and in you go.


Samsung has a more detailed write-up on the whole ordeal and techniques behind it, so be sure to read up on that if you’re interested. Want a phone with an iris scanner but aren’t willing to drop $800+? Samsung thankfully has plans to bring it to more affordable devices at some point down the line.

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Samsung plans to add iris scanners to mid-range phones too

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