Samsung plans to add iris scanners to mid-range phones too


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One of the new features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the iris scanner. Now, on top of using your fingerprint to unlock your phone, you can also use your eye. The future is now. Samsung is very excited about this new security feature and they want to bring it to more devices.

DJ Koh, the president of Samsung Mobile, says they hope to bring the iris scanner to the mid-range lineup when costs are lower. Right now, the iris scanner is a pricey piece of technology, hence the Note 7’s big price tag. Koh goes on to say that he believes people view Android as being weak in security. They want to expand the software with things like iris scanners to overcome that image.

What are your thoughts on the iris scanner? Is this something you see yourself using, or is it just another gimmick like Face Unlock? At its current state, the iris scanner doesn’t seem to be quite there yet. It doesn’t work well for people who wear glasses or contacts. Hopefully, in the future it will surpass the fingerprint scanner.

[via SamMobile]

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