Xiaomi’s first VR headset looks like a purse


Xiaomi officially unveiled their VR headset we’ve been hearing a bit about. Earlier rumors suggested this thing would hit the market as the first Daydream-ready headset, but that isn’t the case.

mi vr play

Instead, it’s a unique-looking Cardboard-esque headset that looks more like a purse than anything else. The front component uses a zipper to enclose a smartphone inside of a Lycra-covered enclosure. The headset is big enough to support phones between 4.7 inches and 5.7 inches.

xiaomi vr play 2

The company is calling the device “Mi VR Play,” which could be an indication that this is only the first headset in a series of them to come out. That means we still could be treated to the rumored Daydream VR headset that is in the works under the more brief “Mi VR” name, but that’s only speculation and guesswork at this point.

In any case, Xiaomi has a headset, and it’s being put to the test in China. There’s no word on pricing or general availability just yet.

[via MIUI]

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