The newest Dead Zebra creation may be the coolest Android figurine yet


If you love Android as much as we do, chances are you probably have a few Android collectibles hanging around the house, or on your desk. Andrew Bell is the man behind some of the most creative of these figurines, via his Dead Zebra company name.

Over the last month or so, Andrew Bell has announced a new series of Android mini collectibles, but also a new standalone figurine named for “Bear Awareness”. Today, Andrew showed off another great collectible that will be coming to everyone soon.

Dead Zebra Android Wood 3

Android Wood is the latest version of the Android collectibles to be released, and is made completely from wood. This version has been in development for the last few years and has been made available to Google employees, but never have been made available to the public.

Over four years ago we got together with Queens NYC-based woodworker and toy maker NoliNoli (aka Ken Como) to discuss bringing a the Android character to life in a variety of natural woods.

Andrew will be at San Diego Comic Con (Dumbrella, Booth #1335), and will be making them available to those fans and collectors who are interested in this awesome collectible. After Comic Con comes to an end, then the Android Wood will be made available to other collectors.

[via Dead Zebra]


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