Dead Zebra reveals mini Android collectible for “Bear Awareness”



The latest special edition Android collectible from Andrew Bell has been announced. If you know what we’re talking about, you might be addicted to Android. If you’re unfamiliar with Andrew, he is the creative mind behind the awesome Android-related artwork from Dead Zebra. The thing they are most famous for is a line of Android figurines. Last month, they announced a new summer figure would be revealed soon.

Andrew showed off the newest Android figurine on Google+. It’s a mini 1.5-inch Android “scout” and a 3-inch bear robot. This collectible also comes with a free custom sewn “Bear Awareness” patch. The entire set will only cost $15 with an optional display case for $3. The set will be available later this month on Dead Zebra’s website and they will have a few at San Diego Comic Con.

How many Android collectibles do you own?

[Bear Awareness – Dead Zebra]

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