Huawei says they’ll be with Android as long as Google keeps it open


There was another scare of a big Android OEM planning to ditch Android in the future. After Samsung got their ball rolling (albeit quite slowly) with Tizen, Huawei was said to be working on their own operating system behind the scenes to eventually dump Android in case they ever felt the need to break away from Google.

So, is it true? Huawei obviously didn’t want to respond to such implicative rumors, however the company’s CEO recently posted to Chinese social media site Weibo to comment on their future use of Android.

In it, Richard Yu says that the company will continue to use Android as long as Google keeps it open. This doesn’t sound like a hard denial that they are working on their own OS in the background so that could add a lot of merit to the original report.

The next question, then, is whether Google will ever regress to the point that companies like Huawei and Samsung would need to seriously start thinking about building their own platforms. The answer to that question obviously doesn’t come easy, however Google’s vision all this time has been to get a smart mobile operating system into the hands of anyone who needs one.

This faith is backed up by programs like Android One which invites manufacturers in developing countries to create ultra-affordable Android smartphones. It’s strengthened even more if we’re to believe Google’s consistent history will continue well into the current decade and, perhaps, beyond.

Of course, there’s not a 100% rate of faith in the company as they have been tightening up on the requirements for making Google-powered Android phones in the past few years (so much so that they’re being investigated by antitrust regulators), but much of those requirements are said to be for little more than making sure the Android user experience remains consistent for all users. And, last we checked, it’s still possible for anyone to grab the Android OS right here and do whatever they like with it as long as they aren’t using Google Services.

[via GizmoChina]

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