Jun 21st, 2016

There was a bit of a gap between the launch of the original Chromebook Pixel and yesteryear’s refresh, but it’s possible Google could be shortening that gap for a follow-up.

Back in May, Google was looking for a Quality Engineer to join the Chromebook Pixel team. That alone doesn’t tell us anything — Quality Engineers can manage existing manufacturing projects as they tend to evolve over time.

However, Google’s listing for the post includes one line which makes us think a new Chromebook Pixel is in the works:

As a Quality Engineer, you will be part of shaping Google’s next game-changer. With your technical expertise, you will identify setbacks and roadblocks within a project and generate solutions for resolving them quickly, build a product team in collaboration with a technical lead in order to recruit the best-suited engineers and evaluate feedback from support teams to identify product errors and gaps.

“Next game-changer” certainly sounds like “brand new product” to us. Of course, the listing doesn’t give us any details as to what the device may be packing, but that’s all the more reason to stay tuned as we wait for Google’s device announcements for 2016.

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