6 ways Tango can change your world


Lenovo today officially unveiled their the world’s first Tango phone, the Lenovo PHAB 2 Pro (and its lesser siblings). The device is great, and you can read more all about them right here. But to recap what Tango is, it’s the culmination of advanced 3D and space sensing camera sensors which can transform the world around you to deliver exciting new experiences.

6 ways Tango can change your world

Whether it’s for playing games, educating yourself or increasing your quality of life, there are some really cool things that can be done with a Tango phone. Let’s dream a bit!

Play virtual games on your kitchen table*

Monopoly board game

Board games are great, and to be quite honest they’re better with actual pieces and die. But if you simply don’t have a certain board game or don’t have all the pieces to one you own, playing a virtual board game on your table could be just as nice.

Go on guided tours without an actual guide*

Heading to the museum but don’t want to pay for a tour guide? Here’s a nice alternative: point your phone at whatever it is you’re curious about and go nuts! With Tango, you can get a look at more information about stuff you’re seeing in the real world, including detailed information about specific parts of a painting.

Preview new furniture in your living room before you buy it*

Lenovo PHAB2 Pro Tango Lowes app JAD_0164

Looking at furniture online can only give you an idea of how it looks. Even seeing the furniture in person doesn’t give you a full idea of how it might fit and look in your living room. Well, move that dusty old couch out of the way and point your smartphone where your new couch would go, and get an accurate look at your living room’s future!

Have virtual treasure hunts

What’s better than treasure hunting for fake treasure? Hunting for actual treasure. You could place some treasure somewhere around the house for your kids to find and they’ll be greeted with a big wondrous box of stuff when they figure out all the digital clues you place around the house!

Find the precise location of products at a store*

store aisles

Aisle 235, Row 6, Shelf D. Screw all of that — why not walk into a store and find an arrow on the ground ready to guide you right to that hot jacket that’s on sale?

See a virtual model volcano to help you create your own

Have a school project coming up and need some help? Clear the table and plop a virtual model of that volcano you’ll paper machete together. You could even scale it to the exact size you are planning to make your volcano and get a detailed look at it from all angles.

What do you have in mind?

Some of the stuff above is actually on the way (noted by the asterisks next to their titles), and some are simply dreams waiting to be discovered. What ideas do you have? What would you want to use Tango for? Don’t be afraid to sound off in the comments ahead.

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