Lenovo announces the first consumer-level Tango smartphone — the PHAB2 Pro

Lenovo PHAB2 Pro

Today marks the second Lenovo Tech World and they have brought with them several new phones that have have been talked about and rumored for some time now. At CES 2016 in January, Lenovo and Google took the stage to announce that they would be partnering up to produce the first Tango phone for consumers. There have been plenty of rumors and leaks circulating around this handset but Lenovo has officially taken the wraps off of their newest phone, the PHAB2 Pro.

The Lenovo PHAB2 Pro is a massive phone with a 6.4-inch 2,560 x 1,440 resolution QHD display. The built-in cameras and sensors found in the back of the device will allow it to use Project Tango’s 3D mapping technology to understand the world around you. The PHAB2 Pro will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 octa-core processor and will have 4GB of RAM. All of this plus the 16MP camera capable of capturing 4K footage, combine to make one of the most powerful handsets on the market, perfect for AR games and simulations.

In total, the Lenovo PHAB2 Pro will be available globally in September for $499 at select Lowe’s stores and online by the end of the year. Check out the images below for a closer look at the first consumer-level Tango device:

In addition to the announcement of the PHAB2 Pro Tango handset, Lenovo announced two other phones in the PHAB2 series. The first of these devices is the entry-level model simply called the PHAB2. Coming to the market at only $199, the PHAB2 will be rocking a 6.4-inch HD display — sorry, no QHD —13MP camera, and 16GB of onboard storage with an available microSD card slot.

The final new Lenovo phone from this year’s Tech World is the PHAB2 Plus. What makes this phone stand out — other than it’s more expensive $299 price tag — is its dual cameras. The Plus is sporting two 13MP rear facing cameras with f1.8 lenses. Lenovo is claiming that these cameras will be capable of capturing amazing photographs as well as being extremely fast as they are running the Futjitsu Milbeaut image signal processor as found in the Leica camera. The dual cameras serve to make images sharper, create greater contrast between the subject and the background, and create other special effects that we will see when the phone ships.

We will have more coverage on the PHAB2 series of devices and much more from Lenovo Tech World 2016 so make sure to check back in often for more Phandroid coverage.

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