After 2 years, HTC finally finds the man they think will help turn their business around


It’s no secret HTC has been in a financial rut as of late. Their performance has been improving (only slightly so), and the HTC 10 is a great tool to help make sure their 2016 doesn’t absolutely suck, but they’re going to need more than short-term wins if they want to survive.

That’s why they took over 2 years to make sure they found the perfect chief financial officer who will make sure the company’s coffers aren’t full of air, dust and cobwebs. That man is Peter Shen, who was formerly with HP and has roots in Taiwan with Inotera Memories, a DRAM foundry.

Shen will replace Chialin Chang, the head of sales who took over the CFO business during one of HTC’s major shakeups. Chialin — whose position was up for grabs as far back as 2014 when HTC expressed their wishes to put him back in charge of sales — will return to his former role.

HTC seems to have a solid plan for growth and expansion. IoT, wearables, VR and more are all on their plate as they look to rebuild their flailing phones business. We’re not sure a new CFO alone will be enough to help turn things around, but it beats doing the same thing while your company continues to bleed money year in and year out. Here’s hoping it works out.

[via HTC]

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