HTC Shares Tumble Amid CFO Change and Galaxy S III Announcement


HTC’s shares plummeted today after a change in the Taiwanese company’s CFO. Today, HTC announced that Chia-Lin Chang, a former Motorola engineer and partner at Goldman Sachs in Taiwan, will be taking over for Winston Yung as the company’s new chief financial officer. After this news, shares for the company dropped at much as 6 percent. It probably didn’t help much that Android rival, Samsung, had also announced the unveiling date for the Samsung Galaxy S III.

HTC hasn’t been doing so well, ever since Samsung’s wildly popular Galaxy S II claimed “king of the Android mountain,” dominating the market share towards the last half of 2011. HTC is the 5th largest smartphone maker in the world and recently reported a 70% loss in net profits during Q1 of this year ($152 million). VP of Masterlink Investment Advisory in Taipei mentioned that, “When a company changes its CFO, it often indicates that the company’s operations or financials have reached a bottleneck.”

Although sales for HTC’s One line haven’t been too great in Europe, according to analysts, let’s hope HTC can pick up steam once their One line reaches the US in the coming weeks. Something tells me it wont be easy with Android fanboys clamoring for Samsung’s latest flagship.



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  1. My last two phones have been HTC, Hero and Evo 4G, and I’m definitely ready for a change, I’m holding out on upgrading trying to see what Sprint does concerning the SGIII, hopefully the US won’t have to wait months to get this phone.

  2. I really used to like their phone… back in the Dream G1 days ^_^  It’s unfortunate they’re fighting against Samsung who has so much more resource and technology.

    1. I feel like their agreement with Qualcomm held them back. Everyone was going dual-core while they were still releasing single core devices (even tablets). 
      Now that Qualcomm is back with their powerful S4, and HTC has redesigned their devices with lighter chasis and better quality hardware, the playing field should be evened out a little more. 

      1. Definitely looking forward to it.  More competition the better for us consumers.  Now with a new CFO lets see how they perform.

      2. Come on dude…..this article is the worst. Where did you study writing? None of what you reported has anything to do with samsung or a GS3, thats just plain bad speculation at best.

        1. You’re right…What goes on with one of HTC’s biggest competitors has NOTHING to do with HTC..


      3. Wrong, Sensation with dual-core came a month or 2 after SGS2. But the device was ugly (although thats subjective), thicker and was incredibly laggy in the menus compared to SGS2.

  3. I really don’t know what more they could have done with their One line. Maybe reach out to hackers more and offer easier unlocking and the source code. 

    1.  “I really don’t know what more they could have done with their One line”
      Given the One X an SDcard slot, given it a decent-sized and preferably removable battery. If they’d done that I think they’d have cleaned up.
      Unfortunately these issues are enough to make people wait and see what the SGS3 has to offer.

      1. I agree about the battery.  I’m on Verizon and recently purchased the HTC Rezound over both the Gnex and the RAZR Maxx.  I didn’t want another Motorola device, but the 3300 battery was really compelling.  I decided that I preferred the specs on the Rezound and purchased both the phone and an extended battery.  I would have gone for the Gnex with an extended battery or the RAZR Maxx if the Rezound battery had been fixed.

        1. I didn’t get the GNex because it just took too long to come out and I only had 30 days to return/exchange my bullshit Droid Bionic.  I got the Rezound because it was released just in time and got a spare battery for it. It’s a nice device but my Facebook syncing sucks and I don’t know what to do about it. I can never win…

      2. I disagree. I prefer one partition so no SD card for me and removable battery just makes the phone less sturdy and more squeaky.

        What they should’ve done is put a dedicated camera button on the phone but most important get rid of that whole ugly design, I don’t hear anyone saying HTC phones looks good.

        1. Everyone I know with an HTC loves the design and ppl who don’t have them like how they look.  Samsungs don’t look any better.

  4. I too wish HTC lots of success as I’ve also had quite a number of their smartphones, first being the Droid Incredible from May 2010. My last HTC was the Sensation back around June 2011. Then it was all Samsung Galaxy S2 and nothing else really. There was for me something “special” about the GS2, maybe how slim it was, how quick and responsive it was. I feel as if HTC lost that competitive edge. I really really like the One X and One S, heck even the One V. Many times I almost bought it from but couldn’t complete purchase due to sealed & non removable battery. Yes I buy extra batteries & I use them when needed. Maybe if it was 3300maH like the Droid RAZR Maxx I could overlook it but not at 1800maH. Now with the Galaxy S3 announcement like 2 weeks away, forget it, HTC has lost me(not for good though). Still good luck HTC, it’s a shark infested water but you can do it:)

  5. I’m a HTC user..HERO->Desire HD. I’m looking my self at the galaxy 3, but i’m also looking at the HTC One X as my next phone. It’s a shame. HTC have done really good. They are, in my mind, reliable, easy to use and I love sense. My only issue has always been Battery power and without the fact I can remove my battery, makes a phone thats bad on battery power even worse. Now HTC has started taking that option away it’s made me look elsewhere. Although I doubt the S3 will have the same option, it could be the decider for me in a phone as I need that option badly. I’ve played with the HTC One X and i’m very impressed. I’m not too sure on the style though. Like the Sensation with all the curved corners but thats only cosmetic. Who knows.. I will have to wait to see what the Galaxy S3 has to offer and then make a definate choice.

  6. I’m due an upgrade the day after Samsungs Galaxy announcement. Depending on what they announce will make my decision. I like HTC, their reliability and build quality and having played around with the One X, I am impressed. That said, the non removable battery is a turn off.

    If Samsung get it right with their next phone, if that’s what they reveal, then I’m on it.

  7. I love my HTC devices that I have had starting with the G1 and even now with my Evo 4G I do understand that the battery life isn’t the best but the actual feel of my devices is great where as with Samsung I feel it is cheap and plasticy feeling with all of their devices. I want something to hold that actually feels like a phone rather than a cheap play toy. I am signing up for the HTC Evo 4G LTE on 5/7 a dedicated camera button bigger battery and hardware, with new sense equals one bad ass power house device.

  8. htc is crap samsung has to the best phone makers out they just need to get them updates out faster

  9. Yeah HTC keep locking bootloaders and now non removable batteries with no external sdcard option..

    Yeah that should turn things around for you..

    Is anyone there????? You’re losing customers to the likes of Samsung..A year ago you couldnt get me to give up HTC but your choices going forward have given me no choice but to buy elsewhere.

    1. Lets see… I have owned a HTC hero, HTC EVO, HTC Evo 3D and have not had any LOCKED bootloader. The only people who that was an issue for were people who rooted and then went against all DEV’s instructions and used HTC’s method instead, or they happened to buy the 3D later on that already had the new firmware on it.

      Moral of the story, don’t take any OEM updates and there’s nothing to worry about.

      1. Oh yes the old phones from years ago..Yeah those had removable batteries and sdcard also..Its not like that anymore so whats your point?

        I wonder if thats why HTC isnt doing as good now? Hmmmmmm geee I wonder..

  10. I was a fan of HTC phones back to my T-Mobile MDA. I had never owned a Samsung device until the GSII. I hate HTC Sense. I would go back to HTC if they would release another phone with vanilla android or at least give users the option. I don’t like Samsungs overlay either but I like the design of the phone.

  11. I’m definitely done with Samsung! Cheap phones and poor updates. No more. I’m moving to HTC. Last 5 people I convinced to get a Galaxy 4g hate me because their phone is a piece of crap just like mine.

  12. Maybe they should stop designing their cell phones to look like World of Warcraft gaming laptops ( ) and design a svelte alternative for people who want a nice-looking phone but hate the iPhone.

    Yeah, that’s right. I’m looking at you EVO LTE — you Susan Boyle of a phone.

  13. Seems Chris has an axe to grind against HTC.  For some reason, the pro-HTC comments in threads keep disappearing, while the anti-HTC ones stick around.

    1. Only posts with extreme profanity, spam, overt trolling, and responses to same are deleted.

      Phandroid mods are brand neutral.

  14. HTC don’t only make android devices. How much did they “waste” on that other os…

  15. After experiencing the defective screen of the htc mytouch and the poor performance of the sensation I jumped over to the galaxy s 2 and will never go back to htc

  16. Samsung and HTC (and others for sure) have ruined ICS. ICS in its purest form is a piece of art. By putting Samsung and HTC ‘coating’ on it; it looks like any other gingerbread phone. Im surprised HTC and Samsung who took months to roll out ICS updates for existing handsets did not work harder to make new interfaces for ICS. 

    HTC One X has uneditable buttons? Why on earth would you do when ICS gives you the option for software ones.

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