Galaxy Note 5 now receiving Marshmallow courtesy of Rogers – so what’s taking AT&T so long?


The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in most parts of the world has already received an update to Marshmallow. Back in March, the update hit the Verizon variants, followed by the T-Mobile model last month. But there are still some carriers who have yet to push out the update (AT&T for one) and joining the rest in the Marshmallow winners circle is now Rogers in Canada.

After Bell and TELUS saw the update last month, the Rogers version of the Galaxy Note 5 is now receiving an update to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. At just a little under 1.4GB in size, it’s quite the doozy. You can expect all the core Android enhancements found in Marshmallow, along with a new theme and the “enhanced usability” of TouchWiz.

Once again, AT&T’s Marshmallow update is nowhere to be found, something that’s sure to tick off more than a few users anxiously awaiting the update on their devices. Anyone fed up with how long it’s taken?

[Mobile Syrup | via Reddit]

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