Eye-Plug transforms any USB Type-C smartphone into a 3D-camera


Ever year at Computex there are a plethora of companies showing off a plethora of accessories we’ve never heard of. Eye-Plug is one such device and according to the manufacturer, it can turn any compatible phone into a 3D camera, much like those devices that have a dual-camera setup.

Eye-Plug 3D

Eye-Plug utilizes the USB Type-C port on your device and allows for you to take 3D photo or video with ease. Thanks to the reversible nature of USB Type-C, Eye-Plug works with either the rear, or front-facing camera.

The biggest issue with this camera accessory is that it may not match the camera quality already on your device. However, the folks at Engadget put the Eye-Plug to the test at Computex and stated that it was a “perfectly acceptable resolution for Google Cardboard 3D viewing.”

One great selling point for the Eye-Plug is that the company says it should be available for roughly $35. At that price point, everyone could get their hands on it and give it a shot.

The Eye-Plug is still in prototype status, but is expected to see full production later this year. Is this something that you could see yourself using?


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