Android TV will get Picture-in-Picture, APIs for recording television, HDR 4K support, and app reviews in Android N update


Lots of changes are coming to the Android TV platform following Xiaomi’s announcement of a new device (as well as word that RCA is working on a line of Android TVs, too). Google has detailed 3 new features coming with Android N that TV lovers will enjoy:

  • Picture-in-Picture: lets users play video while browsing other content.
  • Recording APIs: brings recording functionality to live TV.
  • High Dynamic Range: supports the next frontier in 4K UHD video.

We’ve heard of Picture-in-Picture before, but the recording APIs is pretty new and juicy. It sounds like Google won’t make an app for that on their own, but having an API allows manufacturers to easily bake in TV recording features without having to worry issues like digital rights management (protecting content from being copied and pirated). It could also mean developers will make apps of their own, but we’re not sure if there will be any limitations that prohibit this.

Support for HDR — a hot new industry standard for 4K HD televisions — is just as big and exciting. Another change that seems small but might seem mighty to those who love leaving feedback is the ability to rate apps and games on Google Play. Believe it or not, that wasn’t a thing before. Of course, all of this won’t be around until Android N drops, which Google says won’t happen until later this summer.

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