Did you pre-order the HTC 10? HTC may have a ‘token of appreciation’ for you


Those who pre-ordered the HTC 10 from Verizon and HTC started receiving their phones yesterday. Getting a new phone is an exciting occasion, but HTC is making it even more special by sending emails to its customers, promising a “small token of appreciation” for their purchase. Unfortunately, the email is only being sent to those who pre-ordered the HTC 10 from htc.com in the US. We’re sorry to say that Verizon customers are out of luck. HTC may have a similar gift planned for those who pre-ordered the phone from its site in other regions, but we haven’t seen anything pop up yet.

So, what will the mysterious gift be? Your guess is as good as ours, but our money is on the HTC High-Res Audio Earphones. The earphones are included with the HTC 10 in Europe and other global regions, but HTC chose to remove them from the box in the US and Canada in an effort to save a bit of cash. If HTC skips on the HTC High-Res Audio Earphones again, our second bet would be on the HTC Ice View case for the HTC 10.

If you pre-ordered the HTC 10 from HTC in the US, let us know if you’re received the Thank You email from HTC. Given the option, would you rather have the HTC High-Res Audio Earphones of the HTC 10’s Ice View case?

HTC 10 Gift

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