Verizon has begun shipping out HTC 10 pre-orders


HTC 10

Pre-orders for the HTC 10 started a few weeks ago, but we haven’t heard much in terms of concrete ship dates since then. HTC says the phone will starting shipping “this week.” For at least a few people on Reddit, that means today. Apparently, pre-orders for the Verizon model that were made on HTC’s website have started shipping.

Two must read articles while you wait:

This news comes from a user on Reddit. They say Verizon has shipped the phone and sent a UPS tracking number to arrive on Thursday. Another user in the same thread says that a Verizon online rep says the graphite model will be available in stores on Thursday as well. No word on other colors. Several other people in the thread confirmed that they have been charged for their pre-order.

Hopefully, we get more official word on shipping and availability soon. Have you pre-ordered the HTC 10?

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