Check your email: unlocked HTC 10 pre-orders have begun shipping!


Joe wont be the only Phandroid editor with the shiny new HTC 10 to play around with. For those that pre-ordered the HTC 10 as soon as they became available, the first batch of shipments are now going out. That includes my very own 10 unit, which according to the shipping information provided in the email, will be arriving on my doorstep this Thursday (tomorrow) — just in time for the Mobile Roar podcast. Take that, Joe.

htc 10 shipping confirmation

HTC was catching a bit of flak, announcing last week that shipping would begin this week (which apparently only applied to the Verizon model), only to clarify a few days ago that it would be more toward the end of the week for unlocked models. Guess they meant they’d be arriving at the end of the week and that’s something we’re more than okay with.

Anyone else receive their shipping confirmation yet? For those that are still awaiting your 10 to arrive, make sure you check out our Hands-On post, First 13 Things You Should Do, and 40+ Tips & Tricks for the all new HTC 10.


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