Samsung’s smart fridge with its giant embedded smartphone is now on sale for $5,600


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Remember back at CES when we told you guys about Samsung’s smart fridge? The company had the nerve to shove a giant smartphone into its door. Well, it’s not actually a smartphone, but it might as well be. That fridge is now available to purchase in the US.

It’s a 21.5-inch touchscreen display that actually has some pretty useful features for you to use in the kitchen. You can use a smartboard or sticky notes to write notes for your other family members, or AllRecipes to find that perfect dinner idea.

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Instacart integration lets you quickly order groceries you’re running low on.  For entertainment, the built-in speakers will stream TuneIn Radio or Pandora, or you could even mirror what’s playing on your Samsung Smart TV.

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Beyond all the wonderful things the display can do, there is a bit of smartphone integration here. The fridge features 3 different cameras which can take snapshots of whatever food you have stocked. It’ll then send the images straight to your phone. This is perfect if you’re at the grocery store and you need to know whether you’re running out of that salad your family loves.

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You can also start building a grocery list on your fridge and have it synced with your phone, so it should be quite easy to throw items onto the grocery list whenever you eat or drink the last of them.

But all of this doesn’t come cheap. At $5,600 ($6,000 for models with more depth), you’re probably not going to be in line for this thing unless you happen to be rich. If you’re fortunate enough to be able to purchase this thing, though, we can’t think of a better fridge to go into a modern home. Samsung can help you find places to buy it right here.

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