Netflix now allows you to pick your video quality while using Cellular Data


Video playback eats everyone’s data packages and leaves us wanting more unless you’re one of the few hanging onto some type of unlimited data package. Today, Netflix is taking the first step in helping everyone to be able to watch the videos they want without chewing through their data packages.

The update gives users a few different options to choose from when using Netflix to watch videos using cellular data. This is similar to picking the playback resolution within YouTube, but you really don’t have an idea as to what resolution the videos will be playing back in.Screenshot_20160505-115022

Video Playback Options:

  • Off – Watch on Wi-Fi only
  • Low – Watch about 4 hours per GB of data
  • Medium – Watch about 2 hours per GB of data
  • High – Watch about 1 hour per GB of data
  • Unlimited – No limit

Of course, you’ll want to pick the video quality depending on how long you are going to be watching on your mobile device, as well as how much data you have left before hitting your monthly data cap. Luckily, Netflix was nice enough to throw in an Unlimited option for those who don’t care about data caps and just want the highest quality videos possible.

The update is rolling out to the Netflix Android app today, so it should be making its way to your devices within the next few hours.

Download on Google Play: Netflix

[via Netflix]


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