Will Samsung’s latest smart fridge run Android?


While most of our attention during CES is turned toward the latest smartphones and tablets, let’s not forget the myriad of other devices that will launch this year to much less fanfare. Take, for example, Samsung’s latest lineup of home appliances. This lineup includes a newly revealed fridge with perhaps the largest display we have ever seen on such an appliance.

The smart fridge is certainly nothing new. While they aren’t quite mainstream items in every household, companies like Samsung and LG have hard at work over the past few years developing devices that track stock of household necessities like milk and butter, generate shopping lists, and even place orders to replenish dwindling supplies automatically. What sets Samsung’s apart from the rest is a display that might give your television a run for its money. Alright, it’s not quite that big. But look at how big it is.


We don’t have much info on what the new fridge will be capable of. We can’t even say for certain that it will indeed run Android — Samsung has moved towards its in-house Tizen OS for many of its smart appliances in recent year. The buttons below that massive display are quite reminiscent of what we are familiar with on Android devices, however.

We’ll certainly be learning a lot more about the latest smart fridge from Samsung at their press conference later this week. We’ll be intrigued to see what features it brings and how it might interface with our handheld smart devices in the process.

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