Unlocked HTC 10 will begin shipping in the US next week


If you were one of the lucky folks who pre-ordered the unlocked HTC 10 on launch day, Jeff Gordon, HTC’s Senior Global Online Communications Manager, has some good news for you: HTC will officially commence shipping of the unlocked HTC 10 in the US starting next week.

Depending upon the shipping option you chose when pre-ordering the device, you should get the HTC 10 in your hands before the end of the week.

HTC 10 unlocked shipping

HTC’s highly anticipated release for 2016 is quickly approaching, so you may want to head over and pre-order it now if you haven’t already. Verizon and Sprint have already announced when the device will launch on their networks: Verizon on May 5th and Sprint on May 13th.

For those that have an HTC 10 coming in the mail, you want to check out Joe’s post on first things every owner should do for some helpful tips. Also, be sure to stay on the look out for the full review here on Phandroid.



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