Sprint’s HTC 10 launches May 13th


Sprint today announced a release date for their version of the HTC 10. It’ll be dropping May 13th, and you can find it online, in-store or even order it over the good ol’ telephone. You’ll be able to get the device for $0 down and just $26 per month for 24 months.

Sprint is making noise about the fact that the HTC 10 is the latest device to land with their “LTE Plus” inside. LTE Plus is what they’re calling their deployment of Advanced LTE on the 800MHz, 1,900MHz and 2,500MHz spectrums. The trio of spectrums offers up better reliability, better building penetration, and faster speeds (in excess of 100 megabits per second).

Of course, the HTC 10 didn’t need LTE Plus to turn heads — it does that well enough on its own. It’s a good-looking all-metal device with the sort of hardware you’d expect a 2016 phone to have. Throw a cherry on top for the fact that HTC’s approach to software is about as good as it gets for a non-Nexus device.

HTC-10 (16)

Our review of the HTC 10 is still forthcoming, but if you already had your heart set on the device and preparing to buy it when it arrives then you’ll want to brush up on the first 13 things you should do when you get it.

[via Sprint]

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