Apr 13th, 2016

Looking for something cool to check out with your VR headset? Medical Realities has one of the most interesting 360-degree experiences airing tomorrow. They are hosting the world’s first live stream of a surgery in 360-degree video.

The groups suggests they want to provide a new level of education for those interested in the medical field. It’s not going to train a would-be doctor to make the surgical cuts needed to do something like this, of course, but it’ll be an interesting look at a world most of us will never know.

While the stream will be live, they will be enforcing a 1-minute delay to ensure they can cut the feed should anything go wrong. The surgery is only a standard tumor removal, but it is a surgery and there’s always a chance things will go wrong.

To watch, all you’ll need to do is download this app, then open it tomorrow, April 14th, at 1PM Central as that’s the time the surgery commences. In the meantime, you can see a pre-recorded video of surgeons being trained in the video above.

[via Medical Realities]

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