HTC Vive starts shipping today… but only if you paid with Paypal


HTC wants you to know that their exciting new virtual reality unit is headed out of warehouses today. It’s a great looking VR headset that impressed the hell out of us when we first saw it. An early review from Engadget says it’s more impressive than the Oculus Rift, which seems to be nice justification for a stiff price tag. Today is a good day!

But only if you pre-ordered your HTC Vive in the US, and only if you pre-ordered using their Paypal option. Unfortunately for those who decided to go with the tried and true route of straight up charging their credit and debit cards, a bug in HTC’s pre-order system accidentally cancelled the orders of some of those who went that route.

htc vive shipping

The company seemingly attempted recharging orders after the cancellations happened, and while some have reported success, others are still left in the dark. HTC hasn’t yet disclosed how many of their users the issue affected, but notes that it’s a “limited number of individuals.” That doesn’t tell us the extent or severity of the issue, though, as that “limit” could simply be everyone who ordered with a credit card.

HTC has asked those affected by the issue to contact customer care, and they swear on their right hand they’ll help get you squared away. If you haven’t already done so be sure to contact them and pray that you haven’t been pushed out of the pre-sale line. For everyone else? Be on the lookout and have fun!

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