Twitter adds a new button to makes easier than ever to share public tweets with others via DM


Twitter Message Button

Messaging is all the rage these days and if you’re a social network hoping to get user to rely on you for all their social needs, messaging is crucial. For Twitter, we’ve seen the social network continually add new features for DMs (direct messages), lifting the 140 character cap and more recently, introducing the ability to record and send video. It’s clear they’re (slowly) taking messaging more serious and today, they’re making it easier than ever to send tweets to others privately.

In a new update, Twitter is adding a quick and easy DM button to tweets. It appears right on the same line as reply, retweet, and like, which shows how important this new feature. Twitter says they’ve seen messaging grow over 60% last year, with a 200% increase in the amount of tweets shared privately with others. Those are some serious statistics and one Twitter will need to take a long hard look at if they hope to compete with Facebook Messenger or Snapchat, especially after that big Chat 2.0 update we saw last week.

The update is rolling out today on Android and iOS, so keep checking back if you don’t see it just yet.


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