Apr 5th, 2016


Encryption has been a big topic in the mobile world lately. This is thanks to a big kerfuffle between Apple and the FBI, which has since been resolved. Now, one of the most popular messaging services on the planet has taken steps to protect their own users.

WhatsApp, which is used by over a billion people, is now encrypting every text messaging, voice message, photo, video, and group chat. Every single thing you send with WhatsApp will be encrypted starting today. Now, not even WhatsApp knows what is being sent through their service.

This is obviously a very big deal for security reasons. The topic is still hotly debated. Some people see this as a way for bad people to communicate without being spied on. Others feel that everyone should be entitled to privacy. The topic of security in tech will only get more important in the future.

[via wired]

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