The Samsung Gear S2 might finally get iOS support this month


We weren’t sure when to expect iOS support for the Samsung Gear S2 when the feature was announced at this year’s CES, but Samsung supposedly has March in mind for the initial update. A Korean support rep seemingly confirmed the update would be here later this month.

Samsug Gear S2 Classic Rose Gold DSC00957

We’ve learned not to take the word of support reps seriously around here, but we would be shocked if Samsung will go another few months without unleashing the goods. We still don’t have any fine details about the update, but we imagine the thing that’s taking Samsung so long is figuring out what iOS users can and can’t do with the watch when it’s hooked up to their iPhones.

Samsung is likely to publish an app for basic functionality in Apple’s App Store, but without low-level OS access they’re surely going to be limited. One of the things we know you won’t be able to use is Samsung Pay as Samsung already restricts access to that for users with non-Samsung devices for security and technical reasons. In any case, let’s hope the update isn’t far from being ready.

[via SamMobile]

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