T-Mobile warns their unlimited data plans won’t be around forever


In a recent investors’ call, T-Mobile CFO Braxton Carter spoke about the company’s recent Binge On perk that allows customers to watch video from supported services without using data. One of the points regarding data usage veered into a discussion about unlimited data and its future at the company.


The sad news is that the company isn’t shying away from the harsh reality set to arrive some point down the line: unlimited data won’t be around forever. Here’s what the company man had to say about it:

In regards to our unlimited promotion, it is a promotion, it’s very short time. We pivoted away from using unlimited as our primary promotion mechanism in the prior year and part of what we did with Binge On again was another substantial increase in the price of unlimited.

He went on to note the various price increases for unlimited data plans over the past few years was another way in which they’re trying to move on from the dying business practice. But, T-Mobile apparently doesn’t seem too concerned about a future where they no longer offer unlimited data, as their unlimited users apparently don’t use much more data than people with bucketed data thanks to their bundle of promotions (Binge On, Music Unlimited, and Rollover Data).

Those who are still clinging onto unlimited data plans likely won’t be happy to hear this, but it’s something we’re going to have to accept when the time comes. The only thing comforting us is that T-Mobile is likely to let folks who are currently on unlimited plans stay on those plans until they decide to change or leave service, so you better sign up now if you aren’t already to ensure the company doesn’t put a data ceiling over your head forever.

[via TmoNews]

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