[UPDATE] Leaked Galaxy S7 promo video teases water resistance; classified site has it up for sale for $1,100 [VIDEO]


[Update]: Samsung’s description for the video notes that the water scene was just a dramatization and that the device being shown isn’t water resistant, which makes it odd that they’d show it being used in those conditions as if nothing can happen. There could be a few possibilities here:

  • The device in the teaser is a Galaxy S6 Edge, and is only being used for visuals to tease the upcoming sequel.
  • That’s a Galaxy S7 Edge and it isn’t water resistant.
  • That’s a Galaxy S7 Edge and it is water resistant, Samsung just doesn’t want you to know it.
  • Maybe this isn’t even a Galaxy S7 teaser despite it being for “The Next Galaxy.”
  • The world is flat.

That’s pretty much where we’re at with it, folks. Make no mistake about one thing, though: Samsung is preparing a global blitz of marketing for this thing and they’re loading up the barrels for a big bang come February 21st.

It’s no longer a leaking faucet, folks. Not even a free-flowing one. This is a dam bursting wide open. The latest Samsung Galaxy S7 leak doesn’t come from Twitter stars and Indian import databases — this one comes straight from Samsung.

galaxy s7 waterproof leak

The Indonesian arm of the company posted an unlisted video to YouTube, and sure enough someone was crafty enough to find the link. The video shows what appears to be the upcoming Galaxy S7 Edge — it could totally be a Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, as well, with how similar they look  — being wirelessly charged and used in the rain.

That last point seems to confirm rumors that the device is water resistant (though they were still cautious enough to say the scene was just a dramatization).

Samsung wasn’t overly informative in this video, with its main purpose being to parade local archery champion Dellie Threesyadinda for promotion. Still, it’s nice to get an inkling of what to expect before their big announcement taking place February 21st.

In related news, someone in Dubai seems to have already gotten their hands on a production unit of the Edge variant. It’s said to come straight from the US, and they’re selling it on a local classified website for around $1,100.

The box it appears in looks quite uninspiring, to be honest, but it does appear to be a Galaxy S7 Edge. The other contents of the box — charging and adapter equipment — aren’t quite as exciting.

We’d probably pass on the opportunity to score a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge early. Not only is it going to be a lot more expensive, but you’d be risking making a purchase for something that might not even be legit. The device is said to be launching nearly 3 weeks after its announcement, too, so the wait wouldn’t even be too long. If you have the cash, the means and the desire anyway, you can find the listing right here.

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