More reports say Google is bringing out a VR headset this year


Still don’t believe Google is working on a real VR headset? Well, FT is reporting from their own trusted sources that they’re doing just that. According to them, Google is creating a headset that’s more advanced than Cardboard, but not so much so that it could contend with the likes of the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

No other details were given about the headset except there’s a launch frame of “late this year.” Google I/O, perhaps? We hope so, but we’re not going to hold Google to that.

Pictured: Samsung Gear VR

Pictured: Samsung Gear VR

It should be more like a Samsung Gear VR, which uses a plastic enclosure to hold your smartphone close to your face. The device will have some of its own sensors for VR experiences, but should still largely rely on your phone (or tablet’s) internals to drive the experience.

We imagine Google is making an enclosure design that lets you cradle a phone no matter which phone it is, something that requires adjustable holding clips and oculars. Google’s VR headset could even support devices as big as something like Project Tango.

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