What was your favorite ad from Super Bowl 50? [POLL]


Super Bowl 50 was played last night to a worldwide audience that stretched into the hundreds of millions. It’s usually one of the biggest annual sporting events, so real estate for ad space isn’t cheap (up to $5 million for every 30 seconds of air), and companies tend to go all out with their marketing dollars to launch new campaigns.

What were some of your favorite? I was a big fan of Doritos’ ads, although the unborn baby shooting out of its mother to eat a chip probably didn’t sit well with many others. Here’s a quick rundown of all the tech ads that aired.


As we saw before, T-Mobile used Drake for their Super Bowl ad this year with a spoof of Hotline Bling being used to call out the other carriers. But that wasn’t all — they also had Steve Harvey on hand to tell Verizon they’re wrong for suggesting they still have the best coverage.

Bonus points to Steve for being able to poke fun at himself for this gaffe.

Amazon Echo

Doug Baldwin used his Amazon Echo to do some amazing things at his Super Bowl party… like telling Alexa to turn off the music to get Dan Marino to stop his silly dancing, calling out the fact that he hasn’t won any Super Bowls and lighting up his custom food-made stadium. After showing Missy Elliot all this, she went ahead and asked her to play her brand new single Pep Rally.


These guys didn’t have big name stars or hilarious skits to show off, but Fitbit did nice to show off how their fitness trackers can fit into all aspects of your life.


LG’s OLED TVs are beautiful, but because it’s hard to show that while you’re viewing on your non-OLED TV they had to use Liam Neeson’s bone-chilling voice to do it.


There’s “new money,” apparently, and PayPal wants to show us why it’s much better than that old boring stuff made out of paper and metal. The only problem is the money is worth the same no matter what (and PayPal may even charge you a fee to move it).


Key and Peele attempt to break down the game of football to a science… by using a shirt. Someone also forgot to tell Peele that The Weeknd’s hairstyle is only cool on The Weeknd.


George Washington and Lil Wayne are best friends, apparently, and they learned a lot about each other — the original US President can’t cook, for one, and Wayne has a choir that follows him wherever he goes.


Not a whole ton of ways to get people hype about chipsets, so Intel just went with a display of artistic beauty.


Old naked guys, radioactive spills, broken fences and spilled coffee — all great reasons for having some type of insurance.

What was your favorite?

So, which ones did you dig the most? Was it something we didn’t highlight here? Whether it’s tech-related or just plain cool, funny or outrageous, be sure to share it in the poll and comments section below!

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