Jan 27th, 2016

New reports corroborate earlier feelings that LG is going with a big design change for the LG G5. We originally heard the device would have a battery ejection mechanism that lets you swap batteries by sliding it out from the bottom as opposed to having to take off a backplate.

lg g5

But that slot could be for more than just batteries. Yet again we’re hearing that the device will have an “accessory” slot, which implies that you’ll be able to add additional functionality to the device. We don’t want to let our imaginations run wild just yet, but what if you could buy a separate battery pack that adds wireless charging to the LG G5? Having wireless charging built-in is obviously the more exciting proposition, but it could be a way to keep costs down while giving power users the option to pay more for expanded functionality.

Of course, with little to no information on the exact uses for this feature we can’t say for sure what LG is planning. But the fact that the LG G5 is planning to shake anything up is enough to get us excited, and we hope Mobile World Congress is the venue LG will choose to let it all loose.

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