Samsung could be launching iPhone-like annual upgrade program for the Galaxy S7


A new report out of Korean outlet ET News suggests Samsung is looking to take another page from Apple’s book. The company is supposedly planning to launch an upgrade program not unlike the one Apple has for their iPhones.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge DSC09232

If you don’t know, the upgrade program allows people to finance iPhone devices, and if you’re itching to get the newest device on a yearly basis you can trade your phone in before you finish paying to get the newest device.

This is a pretty good move from Samsung if their biggest goal is to retain customers year-to-year. Giving people an easy and affordable route to annual upgrades helps Samsung sell more phones each year, which should help them regain a bit of their lost footing from 2015’s mistakes. We’ll have to wait for exact details before we know how effective or good the program will be, but there’s only a month left before Samsung tells us everything we want to know.

[via Reuters]

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