Samsung Gear S2 Classic Platinum and Rose Gold cost $450 in the US


Amazon has published listings for the Samsung Gear S2 Classic Platinum and Rose Gold models. The listings reveal that the devices will cost around $450 in the US, which is about $100 more than the original Gear S2 Classic goes for.

Samsung Gear S2 rose gold DSC00956

The devices began rolling out on a global scale this week, with China fortunate enough to get the first crack at buying the device. How long will it take to get to the US? It’s tough to say. Even though you can buy the devices from Amazon today, the site shows shipping estimates of 1-2 months, which isn’t very helpful or desirable at all.

That said, it’s nice to know how much money you’ll have to save up for when they eventually start shipping. Are you grabbing one?

Quentyn Kennemer
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