This could be our first real look at the LG G5


We have a general idea of what the LG G5 is supposed to look like by now, but we haven’t yet gotten many full looks at the thing in the flesh. We sort of still don’t with the latest leak, but it’s the most we’ll get for now.

The device — which you can see in the photo above draped in a case designed to protect its identity (clearly not working) — sports a lot of the design traits we’ve heard and seen to date. There are dual REAR cameras with a flash in between, and a rear-facing fingerprint scanner below those. The front shows a slot for the same

The front shows a slot for the same secondary display we saw on the LG V10. The speakers on the underside (sitting next to a beautiful USB Type-C port) indicate LG is looking to stick to the new industry trend. That doesn’t mean the LG G5 won’t be plenty loud, of course. We even see the slit on the side of the device which exposes the volume buttons which now exist on the left edge of the device (compared to rear placement on the previous 2 devices in the lineup).

We have to remember that this could be a prototype from any stage of development, so something might end up completely different by the time it hits retail. How are you feeling about this thing?

[via Droid-Life]

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