[UPDATE] Samsung is now rolling out the 18k Rose Gold and Platinum Gear S2 Classic on a global scale


Samsung has announced that sales of the 18K Rose Gold and Platinum Gear S2 Classic models — which we first saw at CES — are now being sold on a global scale. The launch happens first in China today, and Samsung is sure to be spreading to other regions like wildfire in the weeks to come.

Samsung Gear S2 rose gold DSC00956

The Gear S2 Classic, enjoys the same internals and features as the original Gear S2 Classic, except it looks a lot better. The Rose Gold model comes with a genuine leather ivory band, while Platinum buyers will get a genuine leather black strap as standard.

We’ll have to tune into the official news channels for Samsung’s other regions to  know when everyone else around the world will be getting the chance to purchase these, and we’ll be doing just that. Stay tuned!

[UPDATE]: It’s been revealed that the device is going for €480, which is about $520 in the US. That’s far cheaper than the thousands you’d need to pay for the gold option from Apple’s side, but still a pretty significant price tag.

[via Samsung]

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