ISIS’ next app could be a dating app called “Jihotties”


It seems the Android App that ISIS is building to plan terror attacks might not be the only app they’ve got in the works. As reported by CNN, ISIS is now using the web and mobile technology to recruit brides for their fighters. The name for them? Jihotties.

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The fact that ISIS could take Jihotties from aspiration to app is mostly posturing, but make no mistake: they are actually using “sexy terrorists” nicknamed “Jihotties” to lure Western women into the Middle East to become their brides. It puts a laughably human face on a terrorist organization seen mostly for their unthinkably violent and disgusting acts.

What a pitifully embarrassing plan. Unfortunately, it might be working: CNN estimates that more than 500 western women have left their families and moved to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS.

We realize this sounds like it came right out of a Stephen Colbert bit, but it did not, and this is not the Onion. We promise.

[Via Android Forums News]

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