German researchers find a way to get an autonomous drone to land on a moving vehicle [VIDEO]


Drone advancement is always exciting, and the latest has the potential to open up some nice possibilities in the future. The German Aerospace Center has developed a method for an autonomous drone to accurately land on a moving vehicle.

The method involves the use of optical sensors that the drone can detect. Once the drone sees the sensors, it automatically adjusts its speed to match the vehicle’s, and will keep up with the car until it has safely landed.

drone car landing

The early implementation of the method did require that the driver perform input on an in-dash unit inside the vehicle, but the team is already working on methods that negate that requirement entirely.

According to the research papers, the drone can land within 20 inches of its intended spot, so it wouldn’t take a big safety net to ensure it doesn’t miss its mark. In fact, its accuracy makes it possible to remove the drone’s landing gear entirely, so you can fit heavier payloads.

The technology is said to be geared toward things like solar drones which provide coverage of natural disasters and climate changes. It’d allow research teams to get the drone in and out of an area safely without having to be close enough to control its landing. Cool stuff to say the least. Hit the video above for a peek at the future.

[via Engadget]

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