Microsoft releases Mimicker Alarm, an alarm clock app that won’t shut up until you do something ridiculous


Microsoft Garage’s latest Android app is here. It’s Mimicker Alarm, and yes, it’s an alarm clock — it’s as if we don’t have a million of those already. It does have something unique to set itself apart from the tons of other alarm apps out there, though.

The app will sound an alarm when it’s time for you to wake up, but it’ll take things a step further and ask you to “mimic” an action. It might ask you to take a selfie of yourself while smiling, snap a photo of something that’s green, or complete a tongue twister. If you don’t successfully finish the task within a certain amount of time the app will assume you’ve fallen back asleep and will sound the alarm again.

You can choose to do any of the different actions you want when you wake up, whether it’s just 1 or all 3 in a random shuffle.

Sounds like fun, but there’s something you should know: Microsoft may use some of the data gathered by this app for to improve the service. Their app description states the following:

Images, audio, video, or other data that you upload when using Mimicker are sent to Project Oxford APIs in order to support the fun interactive activities included in the app. The data you upload, along with anonymous usage data may be used by Microsoft for service improvement purposes.

That said, Microsoft does ensure us that none of the info is ever used to identify you or contact you. If that’s too scary anyway then simply don’t download the app. If it sounds fun to you then find it at Google Play right here.

Oh, and Microsoft has even made the source code available for developers wondering how it was made. Park it right here if that sounds like something you want to check out.

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