Galaxy S7 likely to get Dual-SIM in some markets, seen passing Indonesian certification


There aren’t many phones state-side that rock Dual-SIM card slots, but internationally it’s a pretty common thing. If it’s your pretty common thing and you’re in the market for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7, you’re in luck: an Indonesian site suggests that an S7 variant recently passing certification will enjoy Dual-SIM status.

We’re not sure if this will pertain to Indonesia and the Philippines or if this feature may stretch well beyond those borders, but at this point anything is a possibility.


Let’s get you up to speed on rumors surrounding the latest Galaxy S7 specs:

For even more, head on over to the forums for each device:

Will you be picking up a Galaxy S7 or still sitting on the fence? What will it take to slap down your hard-earned dollars?

Note: pictured device is the Galaxy S6

[Via Android Forums News]

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