The Samsung Galaxy S7 might bring back the microSD slot


Samsung’s decision to exclude microSD slots from their 2015 flagships proved to be a very unpopular move, but the company could be looking to dodge that fire for their 2016 efforts. According to a new report by HDBlog.It, Samsung is mulling over the possibility of reintroducing a microSD card slot for the Samsung Galaxy S7.

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While the lack of the slot in the Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 didn’t completely doom the line as some had anticipated, we’re sure Samsung lost quite a few sales over its absence. Whether those lost sales are to blame for the overall downturn in Samsung’s smartphone shipments remains to be determined, but if they’re looking to repeat past successes then we’re sure their first consideration was to bring back some of the features they were once loved for.

We still don’t have a clear idea why Samsung ever took the microSD card slot out of the lineup in the first place. Some will be quick to point to monetary incentive — if you want more storage, you’ll have to pay Samsung a premium to get it. That’s one way to look at things, though there could be other factors — like engineering challenges — in play. This was one of Samsung’s first line of smartphones that featured a prominent block of metal, after all. It’s worth noting that Samsung’s first metal-doused phone, the Galaxy A7, had a microSD slot, so we understand if you aren’t willing to buy that story.

But the past is the past. We hope whatever reason Samsung had to exclude microSD support from their 2015 flagships will be wiped away for 2016’s expectations. As for that removable battery? We wouldn’t bet on that making a return unless Samsung suddenly falls out of love with their new premium engineering.

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