Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge and S7 Edge Plus names are all but confirmed


We’ve been hearing a lot about the Samsung Galaxy S7 as of late. Its looks, release expectations and even the different models we’ll see have all been in the rumor mill.

Speaking on that last note, we’ve heard too many different things. The original rumor was that Samsung would look to launch just two models like they did with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Another rumor later said Samsung would launch 3 different models, including a phablet. Then we heard there’d be as many as 4 models and thought Samsung completely lost their minds.

But one trusted leakster — the incomparable @evleaks — has come forth with a leak that seems to confirm that there will be 3 models:

galaxy s7 names

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 — the baseline model
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge — a variant of the baseline model with a curved display
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Plus — a phablet version of the Edge model

While some may see it as Samsung saturating the market, it seems to make sense. They feel the need to match Apple’s wits, first of all. Even though Samsung went with a dual-pronged launch strategy last year, Apple was the first to do it with a Plus-sized model to help cover more of the market demand. It was a smart move, and if Samsung’s looking to do everything they can to drive revenue gain we aren’t surprised that this was high among their list of launch strategies to execute.

And it’s also just smart business. Big phones are in and people want them — Samsung knows that better than anyone — but if they have to wait too long for them they’re liable to look elsewhere to fill the void. Instead of being left in the dust, Samsung will likely look to capture the phablet-loving public’s interest well before Apple or anyone else has a chance to in 2016.

All of that said, execution of the strategy will be key. Samsung will need to avoid the blunders that set them back with the Samsung Galaxy S6 launch and the subsequent Samsung Galaxy Note 5 arrival, such as misgauging demand for certain models in each market, and keeping an entire major region from being able to buy the things. Tick all those boxes and pair it with a strong marketing campaign and Samsung should have no problems selling phones in 2016 (even if they don’t sell as many as they’re used to).

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