Simpsons creator Matt Groening in talks to bring new animated series to Netflix


When Netflix stormed on the scene to put Blockbuster in the graveyard and Redbox in the waiting room, many thought they too would become a replaceable dumb pipe for content. Not so: the company has reinvented itself as not only a streaming media service but a media creator, producing massively successful hits such as House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, and Arrested Development. If the rumors are true, their next big project could be the biggest of them all.

As reported by Variety, Matt Groening – the creator of The Simpsons and Futurama – is in talks with Netflix to produce a new animated series that would last for at least two seasons of 10 episodes.


We’d guess the new series, the details of which are a mystery, would last much longer than two years. Futurama enjoyed a 15-year run and The Simpsons is still kicking: 2016 will be its 27th season and it’s been renewed through 2017.

With over 100 Million installs (and possibly up to 500M), the Netflix Android App is one of the most popular on the planet. How many more people would a new Matt Groening animated series bring to the service? Would it bring you?

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