LG SmartThinq is a smart home hub that looks like an Amazon Echo


Samsung isn’t the only one betting big on the connected home future that’s brewing. LG’s got some things in the works themselves, with the company revealing their newest SmartThinq hub.

lg smartthinq

This cylindrical contraption looks a lot like an Amazon Echo, though it does have something unique going for itself: an LCD display. The display is used to show information about your smart appliances, or perhaps will deliver up calendar appointments and email notifications.

The integrated speaker is also used as a communication tool for those times when looking at the display isn’t all that convenient. It even plays tunes for you if you don’t already have a better home audio setup.

The best thing about the hub is that LG isn’t keeping it exclusive to their own smart home products. The company supports any device that’s made atop the AllJoyn Alliance’s smart home framework. Members of that alliance include Sony, Sharp, Haier, Panasonic and HTC.

[via LG]

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