Samsung is showing off cutting edge lab projects at CES, including a motion controller for VR


Believe it or not, Google isn’t the only company to have top secret development labs. Most companies opt not to make their projects public knowledge, but Samsung seems to be going the Google route and is opening up to their own cutting edge R&D.

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The company has announced that they’ll be showing off their Creative Labs projects for the first time ever at CES 2016. Creative Labs is a division within Samsung where employee ideas are “nurtured” into maturity and might eventually find themselves flaunted as the next big consumer electronics products from the South Korean company.

Samsung will have 3 products to try and wow us this year:


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WELT is a belt. No, literally. The belt has fitness sensors for tracking your waistline size, your steps and how much time you sit on any given day. That information is synced with a health app which can analyze the data and deliver meaningful information about your health trends.



This is probably the most exciting of the bunch. rink is a motion controller for virtual reality users. You wrap it around your hands and they become a game controller to make for some immersive experiences, like swinging a tennis racquet or baseball bat in a sports game.



TipTalk is an accessory that lets clear sound travel to your ear without the use of headphones. It works simply by touching your finger to your ear like you’re some sort of James Bond wannabe. We’re not sure how it’s possible, but we expect those details to be shared at CES.

The Creative Labs project has been going since 2012, and Samsung says they’re already supporting more than 100 projects over that span. They say 70 have already been completed, and 40 are currently being helped along by business developments. 2016 will see at least 9 “worthy” projects being added to that list, as well. We’ll be all ears once CES arrives next week to see what, exactly, Samsung’s vision for the future looks like.

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