You can control your smart home using Samsung’s 2016 Smart TVs


Samsung is planning to enhance their SmartThings platform in 2016 in one very big way: by finally allowing you to access your SmartThings devices using a Smart TV. The functionality is being built into Samsung’s 2016 Smart TVs, a line which is expected to be shown off at CES 2016 next week.

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Samsung’s SmartThings is an open smart home / Internet of Things platform which allows you to control various functions around your home. Changing the thermostat, opening the garage door and turning off the lights are all things that are possible with SmartThings. There are over 200 different uses for the thing right now, and with it being an open platform that number is sure to grow as developers continue tinkering with it.

Integrating control of these things into Smart TVs seems like a natural progression of the fully automated home dream. The television has long been seen as a primary hub for any living room, so being able to use that hub to control the entirety of your home is sure to be a blissful experience. We’ll get our first taste of the functionality when Samsung takes to the stage at CES, so be sure to swing by next week if you’re curious!

[via Samsung]

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