Nov 12th, 2015

Earlier in the year, ASUS confirmed they were in talks with Microsoft to produce their own version of the Hololens, something Microsoft apparently doesn’t mind at all. Well, those plans have been confirmed as the company has seemingly begun work on bringing their own version out.

hololens 1

The headset would launch at some point in 2016, according to ASUS. If you don’t know, Hololens is an augmented and virtual reality experience that helps create immersive gaming and viewing experiences using the world around you. Movie buffs can see their favorite movies cast onto any wall in front of them on Netflix. 3D modelers can craft models on the table in front of them.

But the coolest thing we’ve seen is its implications on gaming. Microsoft’s early example was Minecraft — they showed the ability to project an entire Minecraft world onto a table. You could even manipulate the world by using hand gestures and voice commands.

It’s a very nice blend of the two technologies and it’s showing a lot of promise. We’re not sure what ASUS will bring to the table, but with their meaty chops in the gaming industry (they command one of the most respected PC gaming brands around) we’re sure they won’t look to disappoint.

[via Engadget]

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