You can now download the Blackberry keyboard, wallpapers and other apps for your non-PRIV Android phone


Want a taste of the Blackberry lifestyle but not willing to dish out $700 to buy the Blackberry Priv? Well, you can experience their side of the fence on your current Android phone. Some crafty folks at XDA have started pulling individual apps from the device, meaning you can download them right now and install them on your current Android phone for personal use.


One of the biggies is going to be the Blackberry keyboard. While Blackberry is known as the king on the physical keyboard fronts, some folks might not know that they’ve developed some serious chops for those who prefer software-based keyboards. It features nice spacing, top-notch predictive and corrective text and that nice Blackberry look and feel.

Some other apps you may want to check out include the Blackberry Launcher, Blackberry Calendar and Blackberry Hub. Note that mostly all of the apps require the installation of Blackberry Services (also available), and that the Blackberry Hub app requires root as it needs to be installed directly to your system partition for the time being. The download links are all right here so be sure to check them out.

venice wallpaper

Oh, and the wallpapers from the PRIV have also been snagged — you can grab those right here.

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