Android Pay support headed to Starbucks, Chili’s and KFC thanks to Apple


Whether stores have taken initiative to introduce NFC payments on their own or they need Apple’s influence to convince them, it’s always nice to see more hopping on board. Apple today announced that they’ve signed deals with KFC, Chili’s and Starbucks to bring Apple Pay to their stores.

As we all know, if a company supports Apple Pay then they also support Android Pay, because the two services use the same standard technology to process payments. You can count Samsung Pay in on that, as well.


We’re not sure why companies feel the need to use Apple as an excuse to come out of the dark ages and install NFC-equipped point-of-sale terminals, but we’re glad someone has enough pull to get more companies to step into modern times. We’re sure Google and Samsung can’t be too mad that Apple is doing all the leg work for their partial benefit, too.

So when’s it coming? Starbucks is piloting the service in select stores this year, though we won’t see a larger rollout until 2016. KFC will also have theirs rolling in 2016. Chili’s didn’t have an estimated rollout schedule just yet, though that’s probably because they’re going the extra mile to incorporate the technology into their cool pay-at-the-table service.

[via Engadget]

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